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Lo-o-ng time, no see!!! Amongst my blog-buddies, I see only a few who are fairly active these days. Evidently, I haven't been doing much singing for past many months either. But the other day I was watching a Chitrahaar/Chitramala type show on Dish, and they played these two Kishore-Da songs ("Kya Khabar" & "Jidhar Dekhoon"). Don't know why, I just felt this strong urge to sing. So, I sang those two, and added a couple of bengali ones as well. Wow! When it rains, it surely pours, huh!

There are a slew of KishoreDa's bengali numbers that I absolutely love..."Amaar Dip Nebhano Raat" (my all time favorite), "Aaj Milantithir", "Amaar Moner Ei", and many many others. This particular one, from the movie Prarthona, is no exception. Full of murkhis, harkatein, in almost every other word so to speak. And every time I listen to it, I discover a new nuance that I missed previously. I have no classical training, but somehow my ears tell me this one is based on some popular raaga. Anyone knows? Tried this song with a couple of my own variations, let me know how you like it.
To start, here's a Rabindra Sangeet, from Tagore's famous dance-drama Shyama:

Download Amaar Jibonopatra

Download Cheyechhi Jare Ami

Anil Kapoor did a nice job portraying the title character in 'Saheb'. His bengali counterpart Tapas Pal, in contrary, didn't do as well in the bengali version (same title), well to me at least. OK plot (pretty sad though!), but excellent acting by Utpal Dutt, and Rakhee. As usual, KishoreDa brings out the pensive mood perfectly. Thanks to my friend Azam for the track.

Download Kya Khabar Kya Patah

I had always been a Big-B fan, since his debut role in Saat Hindusthani. But Mahaan was definitely not one of those to write home about. Soggy story, dime-a-dozen type storyline. Big-B himself sang the slower version of this number. But I like KishoreDa's version better (faster, more melodious). You might wonder why on earth did I select Jidhar Dekhoon amongst many other much better KishoreDa songs. Blame Dish Network!
BTW, I AM trying to improve my pronunciations on certain hindi words (like Gham, Khabar, Nazar, etc.).

Download Jidhar Dekhoon


Parasmani said...

"Jidhar Dekhun"...I am most familiar with this song so I picked this first. You sang with nice feelings and a sense of ease and familiarity. Voice is nice and clarity...very nice. "Nazar" is fine. We will work on others.:)

Azam Khan said...

Asim Da, a doze of medicine I have been waiting for :)

Soothing as always! Loved the Bengali numbers in particular. Pure bliss! Magical affect increased due to first-time listening pleasure. "Cheyechhi"'s beginning reminded me of Kishore Da.

Thank you very much for singing "Kya Khabar". You did a nice job. I noticed the clear pronunciation of "Gham" ... loved it. "Kh" still needs some work :). I noticed some lags in the song. The flow and feelings improved progressively.

"Jidhar Dekhoon" sounded very good in your voice. I have always loved that number by Kishore Da. Thoughtful and affectionate! A great valentine number for the better half!

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your new songs. Especially "Cheyechi Jare ami". It tops in my bengali, Kishore kumar solo favourites.Thanks a lot for making me listen to this number after a long time.Amar Jibono, is from Shyama...and is again an unforgetable one. I am not sure but I think Chinmaya Chaterjee has sang this in one of the shyama casettes.
You should have seen the scene. Ipsita sitting on my lap and listening to your numbers with full concentration. I told her its Paushalididi's father, Asimmamu singing. When the song ends, she turns around and asks, "Asimmamur hoye geche? Ar ekta gaan lagao". And then I clicked on the next number. It was a wonderful start to the day with listening to the songs. Ipsi then had her breakfast.

Parasmani said...

"Kya khabar, kya pataa" ..this song is new to me...nice tune! Nice emotions and you have done well with the "Kishore Kumar" style.

Deblina M. said...

Asim da ... finally we get to hear some wonderful songs in your voice ... kothaye chile eto din?

Lovely song selection ... shob kota gaan khoob bhalo hoyeche


Dinesh Pithia said...

Lovely selection.....khoob bhalo! All the songs are done nicely and enjoyed listening in your voice, specially "Amaar Jibono" you poured lots of emotion and depth which captivated me till end. 'Kya Khabar: & "Jidhar Dekhoon" very rare KishorDa picks but made me interested. Normally I see people choosing other well known numbers....this really makes a special treat! Now my farmaish "Chalti Chali Jaa" from "Door Ka Rahi"

Thanks for sharing,

Biplab said...

People normally listen to your song. I dont. I simply feel the warmth of your voice. Regarding Jidhar Dekhun.....sunte waqt (aur uske baad bhi), mein jidhar dekha udhar tasveer nazar aaye mujhe.


Azam Khan said...

Well said, Biplab :)

Asim Ghosh said...

Paras, Azam, Udita, Deblina, Dinesh, Biplab:

I just don't have enough words to express my gratitude, for your encouraging and loving words. I have learnt (and still learning) so much, from EACH ONE OF YOU....... honestly!!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for spending your invaluable time listening to the songs, and providing feedback. An amateur singer like myself couldn't ask for anything more.

Parasmani said...

Amar jibonopatra: Very nice composition. You have sung this very well. Clarity is great and feelings abound. Voice quality is superb.
To me the Raag sounds like "Bhairav". Sa re Ga Ma Pa dha Ni `Sa. Vaadi/Samvaadi dh/re.

Cheyechhi Jare Ami: enjoyed this one. Need a bit of translation to understand and enjoy even more.

Anonymous said...

awesome :-)

Vishal said...


Loved all songs..very well done ! Your Bengali songs can be passed off as originals to anyone who haven't heard it before.You did well on Hindi songs but I feel a bit more energy would have done wonders !


Soumitra said...

apologies for getting here so late...love all the songs ..all are my favorites..bahut dard hain aapke awaaz main ...bas yuhi gatey rahiye :) Loved jidhar dekhun specially :)

Surojit Sengupta said...

Asim Da,

You have got a very soothing & lovely voice. Absolutely perfect for Rabindra Sangeet. I ventured to your blog for the first time and I am sure this would never be the last.

Would want to hear more Rabindra Sangeet from you...



Anonymous said...

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looking forward to find out way more of your content pieces, have a good one :)

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