A few rare gems of Kishore Da.....

OK, may not be so "rare" to some of you ardent Kishore Da fans. But I see that most bloggers/karaoke enthusiasts more often opt for, say "Mere Sapno Ki Rani", than "Moti Ho To, Baandh Ke Rakh Doon". So, it's probably wiser to say that these songs are "rarely" heard on audio blogs. I realize that tracks for rare songs are not easily/widely available. But even when singers perform on stage with live bands, you still hear the same ole-same ole "Roop Tera Mastana", or "Dekha Na Hai Re Socha Na", or "Chingari"....over and again. Throwing in a rare song or two in the repertoire brings diversity, I think.

When I found these tracks, despite their not-so-great quality, I was like a 7-years old set free inside a toy store. Don't know if these songs would interest you or not, but I surely was thrilled to find them (many thanks to Paras and Ajai Bhai, for getting me quite a few of these tracks), and enjoyed singing them as well. Would truly appreciate your honest feedback.

The first song is from a movie called 'Kathaa', starring Naseeruddin Shah, Deepti Naval and Farooq Sheikh. Even though the movie was nothing to write home about, however, this Kishore Da solo was simply brilliant. The lyrics (by Indu Jain) has good poetry; music is by Rajkamal (who passed away not too long ago). He didn't score many songs, but after listening to this and the songs in Saawan Ko Aane Do, one would wonder why he didn't though! Of course, who could forget his work in Mahabharat....that lovely Stotra sung by Mahendra Kapoor (who also passed away recently). I want to thank my good friend Azam Khan for helping me with the lyrics.
By the way, the last antara in the track is missing. But honestly speaking, I was lucky enough to find the track, let alone complaining for it not being complete. Surprisingly, the original song found on the web has this shorter version as well.

Maine Tumse Kuchh Nahi Maanga (Movie: Kathaa, 1983)

(Click here to download)

'Hum Shakal' was one of those typical soppy family movies, with a slight twist in its plot, but nothing earthshattering! Except for the songs, of course. Anand Bakshi penned the lyrics, and RD Burman brought them into life with his magical touch (as always!) Who can forget "Kahe Ko Bulaya Mujhe Balma", "Hum Tum Gum Sum Raat Milan Ki", or the lilting "Jhumo Tum Nacho" by KishoreDa. This one is still my favorite amongst the other numbers.

Raasta Dekhen Tera (Movie: Hum Shakal, 1974)

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'Swami' released in the late 70's. What a great movie it was, with a strong plot by the bengali genious Sharat Chandra, outstanding direction by Basu Chatterjee, and exemplary acting by Shabana Azmi and Girish Karnad. Some folks think that Swami and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam were somewhat similar in their basic elements. Who knows! I just loved the movie, and all its songs. Even though YesudasJi's "Ka Karoon Sajni" received some criticism from the media (because, he sang it little differently than Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Sahab, the original singer of this song), nevertheless it became a chartbuster and more popular than KishoreDa's solo. LataJi's "Pal Bhar Main Yeh Kya Ho Gaya" had a beautiful tune as well. But I still love the way Kishore Da brought out the sad mood of this song in his own style. Call me biased, but I think he rendered more dejection and melancholy through his expressions and feelings, than what Vikram did on screen (when he lost his love, Shabana Azmi, to Girish Karnad).

Yaadon Mein Woh (Movie: Swami, 1977)

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Paras said...

I have heard this song probably once before, but it was easy to tell that it was a Kishore Kumar song. You have presented it in perfect "Kishore" style. Voice and feelings are very nice. Enjoyed reading about the background of this song. Sharat Babu... my favorite too. I love these songs filmed on women but sung by men...(Daman mein daag..Mala Sinha on the screen with Rafi Sahab singing).

Paras said...

"Rastaa dekhen tera"...
This song is new to me. This is what you call a lori, "La R. D. style"! I do not think he has composed any other lori.
I am aware of some by S D Sahab..."Chanda re chup rahena".."Nanhi kali so ne chali"...different styles!

A fast paced one for a lori! Well done! Liked the soft ending a lot!

AJ said...

Bahut Badhiya singing....i have never heard these songs but im glad that i heard them here....i love the poetry in all the songs....fantastic work by Kishoreda and RDB...u almost put me to sleep with the lori...lol..

Beautiful singing sir, Keep sharing...

Paras said...

Maine tum se...
I am listening to this song for the first time. Liked the background information. The song got over in 3:03 min but seemed even shorter.
Good job!
I liked "yaadon mein woh" the best, out of the three.

Anonymous said...


"Yaadon mein woh"....excellent singing! I like your voice and style.


Ajay Acharya

Azam Khan said...

Asim Da, the songs are definitely "rare". Even when you buy CDs, you do not find such awesome numbers and people often repeat the same songs. Your effort to bring out these fantastic numbers is very commendable.

I admit, I never heard "Maine Tumse" before. You sang it wonderfully. Nice harkatein in anataras!

"Rasta Dekhain" woke some old memories up. This is the song I heard long time ago and then now! Sounded good!

Loved your rendition of "Yaadon Mein Wo" the most! Probably because of all three, I am the most familiar with this one. Dil pe laga ja ke ye gana! You maintained the mood excellently!

Maza aa gaya teeno gaane sun ke! Please present some more such songs when time permits!

Dinesh Pithia said...

I really enjoyed listening all the 3 songs. It's very rare that people do not attempt these type of songs and it is really very commendable of you treating with such nice songs which are almost lost in the woods. Somehow I liked "Maine Tumse Kuch Nahi Manga" more. All the songs are beautifully sung and thanks for treating with such gems from KishorDa.
My next farmaish from "Door Ka Rahi" - Chalti Chali Jaaye...zindagi ka safar,kabhie khatam na ho" when time permits.

Nandita said...

Thanks for introducing me to such nice songs. You have sung them all very well with lot of emotion. I sp. liked your singing in "mein tumse" and "yaadon mein" a lot. Hope to see frequent blog updates from you. Am looking forward to being introduced to many more rare gems :).

Asim Ghosh said...

Paras: As always, thanks for your good words, and inspirations. You are correct, "Raasta Dekhen Tera" is indeed a lori, "LA loRD style"; however, his other lori "Lalla Lalla Lori, Doodh Ki Katori" (Mukti) gained more popularity than this one.

AJ: Thanks for visiting my blog, and liking these not-so-popular KishoreDa songs.

Ajai Bhai: Thanks for liking "Yaadon Mein Woh". This is one of my favorite sad songs by KishoreDa.

Azam: I was little skeptical while selecting these songs, fearing that people may not like these rare numbers. All of you proved me wrong. Thanks for the good words Azam. And, thanks for the audio-lyrics of "Maine Tumse"; your pronunciations helped me a great deal.

Dinesh: Glad to hear that you enjoyed the songs. "Maine Tumse" had another antara, which was even more beautiful in poetry. But the track had only one.
"Chalti Chali Jaaye" is a beautiful HemantDa song. If I find the track, will definitely sing it.

Nandita: 1st of all, thanks for taking the time to visiting my blog. I'm happy to hear that you liked these songs. Thanks for your good words.

Friends, your motivations are my inspirations.......thanks for your encouragement.

Harshan said...

Asima da ...very nice singing ...I love Yaadon Mein ....nice expressive rendition ...keep this blog updated regularly ...:)

Vishal said...

All songs nicely rendered ..Thanks for treating us with such rare gems of Kishoreda ..:-)


Deblina M. said...

So good to hear these rare songs in your voice. Hearing them after I don't know how many years. My favourite was Yaadon mein woh.

Please update your blog more often!


Anonymous said...

I loved "Yaadon Mein Woh" singing by you. The other two songs were new to me.Thanks for singing such rare numbers. It is always a pleasure listening to you.

Soumitra said...

Like most i too had never heard the first two songs...good to hear new songs of Kishoreda :) Due to familiarity ofcourse my fav is Yaadon Mein..lovely expressions :) keep updating more frequently :)

Azam Khan said...

Asim Da,

Its time to sing something! Please! Missing your soothing voice! How about "Kabhi Palkon Pe aansoo Hain"?

My Songs:

Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi
Movie: Mr. X in Bombay (1964)
Music: Laxmikant Pyarelal
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
(Original) Singer: Kishore Kumar
Movie: Sunayna (1979)
Music: Ravindra Jain
Lyrics: Ravindra Jain
(Original) Singer: KJ Yesudas