Back after a lo-o-ng time...

No excuses, no ifs, no buts! Seems like I almost abandoned my blog page. Sorry friends!!!

The first song is a duet, with my friend Leena Gore. As you can hear, Leena has done an outstanding job in this song. Thanks Leena for singing this chartbuster with me. You can hear more of her songs here

Meri Soni (Yaadon Ki Baraat, by Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle)

Raju Chal Raju (Azaad, by Kishore Kumar)

Raja'r Ponkhi (Nishipadma, by Shyamal Mitra)

Coffee House'r (Adhunik, by Manna Dey)


Sayan said...

Good to see you update the blog with a good variety of songs, all very well sung from Kishore to Shyamal to Manna. Rajar Ponkhi was very smooth, melancholic, and brought back a lot of nostalgia for me thinking about the original movie. The one comment I have is that you may have put a little bit of extra accent on the Bangaal words in the song. Overall, very nice. Coffee house was also very good. I was never a big fan of O Meri Soni (much more of a Chura Liya and Aapke Kamre Mein fan) but nevertheless liked the duet with Leena. She did a great job.

Looking forward to a few more in the near future.

Deblina M. said...


Wonderful to hear your songs after a long time. :) Darun Laaglo .

Leena, U sound wonderful in Meri Soni


Soumitra said...

Nice collection of songs :)
Enjoyed all of them :) Leena has done well too :)
Keep singing :)

Anonymous said...


just as you find Kishore Kumar amazing so do I about you. It is simply amazing how you make the time to persue your passion for gaan-bajna and share it with us.

I do not carry any ipod to work, so whenever I am too stress/bored with IT, I know where to go...

Yadoon Ke Baraat is one of my favorite movies and so is the song 'Meri Soni', Leena has a sweet voice and sang well too, please pass on my compliments to her.

As always thanks for sharing...


Anonymous said...

SO, you finally decided to sing after taking a 6 months chhuti. Got really tired+bored of checking the site for months and seeing no updates. At last Dada bollo that you sang again. Meri soni, shyamal-er gaanta reminded me of those Barrackpore days, tumi jokhon amader baarite ese gaaner aasor jomate. Do you remember that function at our club, when you sang those duets with ... ? Meri soni geyechhile, fatafati hoyechilo.
Ekta request korbo? Milantithir purnima chand, amaar dip nebhano raat shonabe next?
opekkhai royilam,

Harshan said...

I liked your rendition of Raju chal raju very much a big fan of kishore da too .. :-) I guess your natural voice sounds like Hemantda ...

Anonymous said...

After a long time heard the "Meri Soni". Love that song. Missed singing the song with you, AsimDa.I felt U were not smooth with the "I love you" line.Leena did pretty well with the song.Liked "Raju Chal Raju". Good Job.
I had fallen in love with "Rajar Ponkhi" at the first listen, from you, at your house. Then I listened to it at Pragati.
It felt good listing to "Coffee house". Very tough song from a veryyy great singer. To attempt Manna Dey's songs is a big thing.
Keep singing while we enjoy listening.
Regards from an anonymous

Vishal said...

Asim Da,
Meri Soni was fantastic rendition was Raju Chal Raju.
Leena did her part well too. RCR was actually a new song to me ...don't know how did I miss this wonderful song ! Never mind, you made up for the loss ;-)
Felt echo was a bit too much at few places but I am no expert in mixing so please ignore this ;-)

Keep singing ..


Anonymous said...

Asimda-Noyono Sarasi Keno

Wow-excellent rendetion (just discovered your web page)-what a treat.


PS -Asimda-where do you get the tracks for the Bangla songs?

Anonymous said...

beautiful :) your voice is your greatest blessing :)

Asim said...


Thanks to ALL of you for your comments, suggestions and good words.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...


Time to update your blog! Awesome rendition of Raat kali :-)

Leena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rajesh Raman said...

Great singing Asim...I enjoyed meri soni very much. Keep singing!

Biplab said...

People listen to your songs; I dont. I simply feel the warmth in your voice. Regarding "Jidhar Dekhu"..... jidhar dekha mujhe har taraf tasveer nazar aai. aur kuch nahin kehna mujhe!. Listened to it non-stop for about 10 times or so.

Anonymous said...

One of my Manna dey fav.Wonderful work Asim da.See as promised,I will be checking out all your rendiitons today.Coffee house adda reminds me of my good old School days.We used to sing this one a lot that time.Loved your voice and thank you so much for bringing back my "Sonali bikel".

Asim Ghosh said...


My sincerest apology for not acknowledging your comments. Thank you very, very much for your comments, and liking my songs. I am truly touched, and flattered. Due to excessive spams, etc., I don't visit my own blog (let alone update it) anymore. By sheer luck tonight I saw your post, 4 months ago, and published it right away.
Again, my sincerest apology.

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